Sunday, August 30, 2020

saved sundaze

 part one; 8.30.20

I'm really excited to kickstart what I would like to introduce to you as Saved Sundaze. My intentions are to cultivate a series of stunning, inspiring and captivating images each week. Hopefully my mood boards can bring you what the images brought to me. 

This week's energy, to me, is end of summer. The water, the fleeting warmth, the heated romance.. there's an almost nostalgic feeling to this set to me. How does it make you feel?

image credits

row 1:  Gail Elliot for Vogue Italia, 1988 by Patrick Demarchelier, @delaneyallen , @fete

row 2:  @vidakush@kylehunter@rokasdarulis 

row 3: Gucci Envy campaign 2001 by Mert and Marcus, @danielpopper, @davidbelemere

row 4: @flomirandaofficial, @thegirlfriendmanifesto, Jean Paul Gaultier 1999

row 5: Herb Ritts1986, Iris Van Herpen 2020, @gregoiremeyer